Vellardi Binoculars

We magnify and value
best panoramic views
all over the world

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Public Tower Viewers

We produce binoculars and telescopes for public use

We have 3 different viewing systems, that can be customized with different stands, colours and possibilities (with coin operated or contactless solutions).

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Binoculars and telescopes ideal for different situations

A public tower viewer is ideal to add value to a lot of different viewpoint

Public Belvedere

Mountain viewpoint

Sea or ports viewpoints

Park or landscape design

Castles or towers

Observation decks

Hotels and skyscrapes

Restaurants with a view

Wine Yards

Golf clubs



The visibility revolution

The “Make people take a picture” Effect

We have tracked all places with our binoculars on social through the time.
We couldn’t believe it: when people view our binoculars they share what they see on social!

We have tracked a lot of new photos and videos from tracked places after our installations: we are collecting thousands and thousands of Instagram shots!
It’s like dynamite for the share-of-mouth!