Ideal for hotels and skyscrapes

Panoramic binoculars
for hotels and skyscrapes

Do you manage an hotel or a skyscrape?

Fixed binoculars and telescopes add value to your view

A Vellardi panoramic Tower Viewer in your place can add one more service for people: they will contemplate panorama around them

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Vellardi Public Binoculars and Telescopes

It’s not only a “sight service”

Panoramic Binoculars give value in a lot of way

Be Unique

Places that allow people to contemplate the panoramas in front of them are a rarity: those who go up to see everything from above will be delighted to be able to see everything in detail!
surprise your guests!

Time to contemplate is a luxury

Binoculars can slow the time: people will experience something different. They will love to spend time curiously watching around.
You will purpose a time dedicated only to feel beauty, your belvedere will be like a museum!

Make people shot and share

We have analyzed it specifically on Instagram and Facebook: after a Vellardi Binoculars Installation, we have tracked post and stories big increasing on that specific location. It’s like every tower viewer says:
“This view is wonderful! Capture it with your smartphone!”

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    • +300 Installations in Italy
    • +20 Countries served
    • Made in Italy Quality
    • Customized solutions
    • Endurance and design
    • Direct Producer Assistance

    What make Vellardi Binoculars your best choice

    Made in Italy Quality

    Our products are designed and produced in Italy

    AISI 316L

    Ultra resistant stainless steel


    Safest in the market


    You can make it as you want

    Free Use or Coin Operated Use

    You can have it with coin operated or contactless system

    Direct Assistance

    We produce directly our viewing machine: you can buy directly from us

    The visibility revolution

    The “Make people take a picture” Effect

    We have tracked all places with our binoculars on social through the time.
    We couldn’t believe it: when people view our binoculars they share what they see on social!

    We have tracked a lot of new photos and videos from tracked places after our installations: we are collecting thousands and thousands of Instagram shots!
    It’s like dynamite for the share-of-mouth!