Vellardi Gigante Model

Our giant outdoor telescope:
elegance in every reflection

Gloss Stainless Steel in AISI316L for a unique style


This panoramic telescope allow you to look all around, thank’s to the possibility to move the head of the telescope 360°.

Gigante is the most elegant product of the collection, designed and built to be resistant and at the same time performing in every situation.

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Stationary telescope installed in front of mountain panorama with black custom metal stand

Gigante: a proud italian outdoor telescope

The Great Gracious Giant

An outdoor telescope with a huge lens and a unique cromatic style ideal for public use

100 kg of AISI316L stainless steel, a 16×60 anti-reflection, anti-scratch lens and the possibility of coin-operated systems or with possible contactless payment.

A cyclops of refined elegance to reduce the distances in the panoramas, and to make a belvedere unique with the proudly Italian style and design, to recall vintage lines with technological modernity.

Made in Italy

16×60 Optics

Antiglare Lens

Waterproof System

Stainless Steel

Antiscratch Glass

Anti Vandal System

Coin / Contactless Option

What makes this tower binoculars so unique


Ultra resistant stainless steel

Gigante is constructed with 316L stainless steel, the same used in naval carpentry, to withstand extreme conditions. This telescope is resistant to high humidity, salt water, heat and cold, guaranteeing an aesthetic quality unchanged over time.

ExtraLow Dispersion lenses

Lenses with stunning sharpness and contrast

Each of our optical systems guarantees high quality zoom with fixed focus, thanks to the ExtraLow Dispersion lenses, the dielectric coating and the anti-fog system with nitrogen gas and O-rings. People will love zooming and magnyifing views!

Coin Operated Defense

Vellardi Anti-vandal system: security at its best

We have seen with our own eyes how nerve-wracking it can be to find your public coin-operated binoculars in a state of damage due to vandalism.
Our stands are ultra-thick and with installations without visible screws: strongboxes!

Customizable stand for Lux tower binoculars

You can make it with standard stand, a more minimal solution with slim stand version, or you can make it with wheelchair users accessibility

Fixed Focus System

A steady clear view for users of every age: no difficulty to immediately admire the panorama

You just need to put your eyes on and watch! With a fixed focus system, you don’t need time to focus your view!

Customizable tower binoculars

Different payment possibilities

  • Always operationing, no payment needed
  • Coin operated system (with every coinage available)
  • Contactless system

Customizable coating

We produce Gigante without varnishing, but it’s possible to customize it with every RAL scale coating you want

Some installations and example of customizations

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    Technical Specs

    Optics Lux System

    • Optics: 16×60
    • Magnification: 16
    • Waterproof Optics: yes
    • Objective diameter: 60mm
    • Angular field of view: 2,1°
    • Exit Pupil: 3,8
    • Relative brightness: 14,4
    • Standard color: Natural Oxy

    with Standard stand

    • Horizontal movement: 360°
    • Vertical Movement: +/- 35°
    • Maintube diameter: 154mm
    • Base diameter: 600 mm
    • Height: 1600 mm
    • Weight: 80kg
    • Head: anodised aluminium
    • Structure: 316 Stainless steel
    • Base with compass rose: yes
    • Compass rose step: 310 mm height
    • Anti-vandal system: yes


    • Coin acceptor: optional (available with classic coin operating system or new contactless system **)
    • Installation kit: yes
    • Custom color available: optional for head or stand
    • Other customization available with specific custom metal plates on the stand

    * Natural Oxy it’s not a paint, it’s a mechanical metal treatment for maintain the same aspect through the time
    ** Contactless System requires electrical connection