Vellardi partner of the exhibition at the Triennale in Milan

From 12 January to 15 February at the Milan Triennale you can admire the exhibition “Print is art, art is print.” in which you will also find our Instant Classic: Panoramic Binoculars.Vellardi once again proves to be at ease in artistic circles, after participating in the work of art by Yoko Ono: “Invisible People” presented in world premiere on the occasion of the Venice Film Festival.Thanks to the Cacao Design project, which takes care of the installation of the exhibition of the well-known printing brand Fontegrafica at the Milan Triennale.“Print is Art, Art is Print” is a space built with just a few elements, but capable of intriguing and transmitting the added value of Fontegrafica, an internationally renowned award-winning printer: creativity, research, experimentation, the ability to restart the creative process where, usually, others consider it concluded.

The installation aims to show a new and certainly sensitive audience those hidden elements that the expert eye of the printer can identify and enhance to elevate a simple print to a work of art.

We are proud to have been able to participate in such an important project.

Our Panoramic Binoculars has once again proven itself as a beauty tool.